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About H2OEO

Mission & Vision


Water for Eastern Oregon (H2OEO) is committed to ensuring that all residents of our region have access to a safe, reliable source of drinking water. We do this by educating residents about their water sources, providing resources to meet immediate needs, and working collaboratively to find responsible long-term solutions.


We envision a future in which all residents of our community have access to safe drinking water and reliable information about their aquifer. We believe that practical solutions led by partnerships among local people and state and county agencies will make this future possible.

what we're doing


Actively supporting the health and wellness of all residents.

We are invested in creating communities where families and residents can thrive. By providing “boots on the ground” to offer immediate resources and direct education, we are helping connect people to clean drinking water.

Seeking long-term solutions to complex water issues in the Basin.

Water contamination has been around for decades and requires science-driven solutions that reflect local values to protect precious resources for generations to come.

Driving collaboration among businesses, government, and community organizations.

By tapping into already existing channels like civic and workforce organizations, we can efficiently share reliable information from government sources and updates on how to be involved with solutions. We are also helping fill any gaps of service that may exist between state and local agencies.

Following the science to mitigate current impacts and restore the groundwater system.

Meaningful groundwater monitoring and peer-reviewed research are necessary components to creating a sustainable recovery plan and long-term success.

ACtivities and Progress


wells have been tested within the Lower Umatilla Basin Groundwater Management Area through 2023

  • About 22% of the wells tested showed nitrate levels about 10 mg/L.  

  • 452 treatment systems have been installed at eligible households

  • 424 households are receiving drinking water



unreached well owners through a phone survey offering testing and treatment options

Distributed more than


educational packets in English and Spanish through community partners including school districts and local nonprofit organizations

H20EO members provided testing assistance and guidance for well owners and residents, including setting up and staffing


testing collection sites.

Following recommended actions in the LUBGWMA Action Plan, business have invested more than

$500 million

in treating industrial reuse water, building storage to eliminate winter application, and acquiring land for application

Collaborate with H2OEO


If you or your organization would like to join the effort to ensure clean drinking water for every
resident in Eastern Oregon, contact us here!

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